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Why One Page is Enough: Creating a Fast and Simple Marketing Plan

So you don't currently have a marketing plan, or you haven't refreshed the one you have for ages and you know it needs some attention before we close the chapter on 2023 and head into a shiny new year.

Or maybe an agency created your plan and it's so complicated you don't really know HOW to implement it?

Let's keep things simple.

Let your marketing agency if you have one, worry about sales funnels, analytics, reporting and other data. Use them for paid ads, managing social media platforms, Search Engine Optimisation and website maintenance. All you need to do is create a fast and simple one page marketing plan you can take action on without the time wasting guesswork.

Focus on your ideal human when creating your fast and simple marketing plan

You focus on creating content that speaks directly to your ideal client, the problem you solve for them (and what it feels like for them to experience it) and your plan to help them solve it. Don't over engineer your marketing - humans are the ones who make a decision to work with you.

That's stuff you shouldn't be outsourcing - build that capability in-house because otherwise you run the risk of showing up just like every other business in your industry. Generic and average instead of the outstanding business you are.

How to create it

Grab a piece of paper and draw a circle in the middle - this is your ideal client.

Think about what they need from you right now - this could be specific to the time of year, the state of the industry they are in, market trends or simply feedback you have received from clients recently.

How do they word this need? For example something I've heard from many business owners lately is 'I need a marketing plan for 2024 but I don't have time to focus on it right now - we're just too busy'

Write the top three in circles around the outside.

Note your response or solutions in sub headings under each one.

Turn those ideas into content - website blogs, stories in newsletters, posts on LinkedIn, updates on Google Business Profile

It can be that easy

Turn one article into 10+ posts

So let's say you have created an article that you know will answer one of the most important challenges or worries your ideal client has. You can pull that apart into multiple other posts

  • share it with the link across LinkedIn, Facebook and add an update to Google Business Profile

  • Share it to Instagram stories with the link

  • add the link to your bio

  • feature the blog link on your LinkedIn featured posts

  • share it in your newsletter email

  • pick it apart into 'quotable quotes' and make a post each

  • use the headings as dot points in a post

  • ask a question your blog answers

  • share a video or livestream of the main points of the blog

  • add it to as well.

There's probably loads more ideas that will pop up for you as you do this. Just keep going and don't worry if it feels like you're repeating yourself. You are. And it's important you do because you want to get the message across to your ideal clients.

Over To You

Go ahead and create your simple one page marketing plan and start implementing it right away. I'd love to see a copy if you do it on one page share an photo ob LinkedIn or Instagram and tag me @jennydelacy or @jennydelacy.talkingdigital

If you want to have a quick call to clarify your priority actions for your. marketing this side of Christmas - you can book a call here:

+61 03 94170 613

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