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to stay in the loop about the ADHD Marketer®  Podcast launching November 2023

The ADHD Marketer Podcast

Back in 2022 at the age of 54 I was diagnosed officially with ADHD. Like many of you, I had a mixture of anger and sadness about 'what could have been' if I'd known earlier:

  • Would I still be married?

  • Would I have a more successful business today?

  • Would I have had a better relationship with money?

  • Would I have had a better experience as a mum?

I decided to double down on understanding what makes me tick, what success looks like and what to avoid (#spreadsheets...) I have a 'get the f*ck on with it' attitude, and I feel as though knowing how to play to my strengths was possibly the biggest game changer of them all.

I decided to share those reflections with you, so The ADHD Marketer® podcast was born.


It's all about improving our sales and marketing skills, social media marketing, playing to our strengths, and creating a community where you can be yourself and let go of conventional marketing 'rules' We do things differently we are FAST, we think and act quickly but we also struggle more than most with imposter syndrome and self-doubt.

So join me for a (mostly) weekly email about upcoming episodes so you can have your say, and get involved in getting better and focusing on what counts, and using our incredible creativity, big picture thinking and kickarsery to achieve our potential together xx

+61 03 94170 613

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