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Jenny De Lacy Marketing Consultant

Jenny De Lacy - Marketing Consultant.
Insource your marketing with our plug-in marketing services.

Don't have a marketing strategy, or the skills in-house to get your marketing right to attract the right clients?

After 30 years in consulting and training, nine of those in digital marketing and social media, I can work with your team to create a custom marketing strategy, connect you with your ideal clients and take away the time wasting guesswork.  


I help the team implement the strategy, offering capability building resources and support every step of the way. From client avatar creation, customer journey mapping and brand voice definition, and your thought leadership content plan across the platforms that work for B2B and service based  businesses.

Plug-in Marketing Services

How it works

  1. In your initial consultation we identify your top marketing priorities and set goals

  2. I conduct a marketing audit and create a plan to update your marketing strategy and actions based on the FASTER Marketing Method

  3. You choose the level of support and accountability you want for your team to implement the strategy

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Jenny De Lacy

Jenny is a content marketing strategist and consultant, educator and speaker, with 30 years experience consulting to audiences across diverse industries to gain business outcomes. From sole traders to corporates. What Jenny doesn't know about crafting powerful people centred marketing isn't worth knowing.


Jenny founded Talking Digital to build in-house capability for her clients' organic content because it's your secret weapon against generic AI generating marketing that's flooding our newsfeeds. 


She has built a strong following and brand based on simplifying marketing, providing powerful message clarity to her clients, and giving them the confidence and know-how to share it, without the self doubt and time wasting guesswork.

Educate, Mentor, Simplify and Inspire

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