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How to create engaging content that attracts the right clients

Content marketing for social media, Google Business Profile and LinkedIn can seem relentless to business owners and their teams. The danger is that the guesswork about what to post, when and how to post, and what to post about, can lead to content either being generic or not posted at all.

But how can you standout online as the expert you are, attract your ideal clients, and achieve your business goals, without the time-wasting guesswork and self doubt?

How to create engaging content that attracts the right clients

Imagine your ideal client is the hero of a story, and they have a problem. A problem you can solve. That you have the expertise and authority to solve.

Based on Donald Millers book 'Building a storybrand: Clarify your message so customers will listen' the two important elements to attracting your ideal clients are:

  • having empathy for the person (client/decision maker) that's experiencing that problem

  • showing your authority for solving that problem

I have added another one that I know helps clients standout even more uniquely to their ideal client - personality. Let's have a look at each element with an example and some ideas to follow each for the types of content that will showcase them.

This is going to simplify your content marketing and make it so much easier to create engaging content to attract the right clients and build your brand authority and awareness online.

Show Empathy For Your Ideal Client's Problem

This is all about showing you understand your ideal client, their frustrations, challenges, feelings and emotions, dreams and ambitions.

Let's take a first home buyer as the hero of this story

In the current market, they are missing out on their dream first hime in droves across the country every weekend. Lisa Stafford - Buyers Agent & Vendor Advocate, shows empathy for that problem in this post here:

It's specific to the first home buyers, so it's immediately engaging, she knows they want nothing more than to be buyer ready so they can snap up a property and they need a powerful advantage in a competitive market.

Ways you can show empathy:

how to create engaging content
  • the language you use to show you understand. This will depend on you and your potential clients

  • reviews or testimonials that mention how you understood their problem

  • Case studies and stories about a client experiencing that problem that shows your understand and empathy

This post is from a governance specialist in the Aged Care sector. Empathy for 'reform fatigue' is a great example of empathy.

Show Authority to solve the problem

use client reviews to show authority

Sharing proof that you can solve the problem builds your brand authority. It could include:

  • licences tickets and qualifications

  • memberships

  • reviews and testimonials from clients showing you actually solved the problem

  • stories and case studies and before/after images

  • your method or model

  • years in the industry

  • PR and media coverage for your area of expertise

Just to name a few.

I have empathy for first home buyers, but I definitely don't have the authority to solve it!

Come to me with 'how do I attract the right clients with my website messaging and I am all over it!

Show your personality

The final piece of this puzzle is showcasing your unique personality. This is what helps you standout even more.

If I know two plumbers, they both show empathy for emergency plumbing situations, and both have the authority to fix it. They are licensed, their business is solid, they have the runs on the board.

What can help clients choose one over the other? Word of mouth referrals aside (which are incredibly powerful), here's how people choose:

use video show show personality

  • YOU! Showing up in your own content is critical for showing your personality

  • Team based posts especially if they are client facing and part of the overall service delivery

  • Social media VIDEO and LIVESTREAM

  • Tell stories - they are uniquely yours and show loads of personality when they are done right

Personality could also show up in selfies, visual branding, professional images, and so much more.

Over to you

Go back and find a recent post from LinkedIn or an article form your website or newsletter and do the litmus test:

  1. Did you show empathy for the audience of that content and the problem they are experiencing (which your content is no doubt addressing)?

  2. Did you share authority for being able to solve it? Sharing your step by step process for how you can help them for example?

  3. Could anyone in your industry have written it? Then you need to inject some personality. Get your marketing 'tone of voice' consistent. Don't rely heavily on AI to write your content or you will definitely sound generic. And lastly, ensure there's a story to demonstrate your point

If you're really not sure where to start, you can work with me to create your customise brand messaging guide and action plan, and your content plan. You can find out more here.

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