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5 Minute Fast and Simple Content Ideas For Busy Business Owners

Content marketing is the new currency to reach your ideal clients

'Content' is the part of your marketing that showcases and shares your brand story to the market, to engage and connect with your ideal clients. Not by saying 'buy my stuff' all the time but to help people learn more about you and your business to grow to know like and trust you.

Everything you see online from a business is basically 'content' marketing.

And it's the new currency in marketing because it's going to accelerate your visibility, attract your ideal clients and help you achieve your business goals.

The problem with content creation

But Huston we have a problem! Most small businesses I spend time with waste loads of time guessing what to post, use ChatGPT or outsource their social media and wonder why their content is generic, or procrastinate and don't post anything.

What should I be posting about? Where and how often? How do I create content? Feels relentless right?

Let's focus on creating content FASTER.

Using the FASTER content model you're going to create content that shows EMPATHY, AUTHORITY and PERSONALITY to truly connect with and attract your ideal clients.

Without the time wasting and the guesswork.

If you'd like to know what to create content about - you can check out this blog here:

Here's some fast and simple content ideas you can implement easily, and so can your team.

My top three under 5 minute fast and simple content ideas for every business

1. Photos

Every business owner can take photos during the week of the work you do with your clients:

  • on site

  • at events

  • speaking

  • working together at the boardroom table

  • screenshots of online meetings or training

Those photos tell a simple story and will take you less that 2 minutes to post. This one was a business event, photos taken during the night, caption added to tag the two businesses there.

EASY CONTENT that still tells a story I want to tell.

Jenny De Lacy speaking at Yarra Valley Business

2. Livestream

Going live on social media is fast, in the moment, and genuine. It's also pretty simple to do.

You could 'go live' from a client site, with a client, after an auction, at an event, while you walk and want to share something (if that's on brand for you - I get out of breath 🤣)

3. Checking In

Checking in to a location helps that venue show up on Facebook, and shows what you're up to in your business too.

Take a photo at the venue, then add a post to your Facebook page with the image, and then click the map location to check in. If you can't find it, you can search for the location and it will usually show up.

4. Voice to text

use voice to text to save time on your marketing

Open any of the apps on your phone, and in the field where you would normally type you can click the microphone on your keyboard and speak your text instead.

If it needs some spaces or emojis you can add them afterwards.

Super fast and can help you work out what to post as speaking sometimes is easier than typing. This works on any platform as the microphone is part of your keyboard not the app (if it doesn't show up you need to check your phone settings)

5. Stats, Quotes or Memes

  • Find statistics that a relevant to you and your clients and share them in simple graphics.

  • Add quotes from your reviews to simple graphics or quotes that inspire you and will inspire your ideal clients.

  • Or even share funny memes that your ideal clients will relate to.

All super fast and still relevant to your business and audience online.

Jemimah Ashleigh great example of a quote

Over to you

Creating content doesn't have to take you hours and hours. Keep it simple and choose FASTER content ideas that still tell the right story for your business, add value to your ideal clients and accelerate your visibility to you standout and attract the right clients to your business.

If you're still scratching your head about what to post to accelerate your visibility, attract your ideas clients, and achieve your business goals, jump on a free 25 minute audit and action call with me:

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