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How To Create Social Media Videos Fast

One of the most common reasons for procrastination around video content is 'it takes too long' Here's some shortcuts to creating sociual media video FAST and getting it out to market to reach your ideal humans as quick as you can - no overthinking or that constant cycle of procrastination.

Know your platforms

It's pretty hard to create content for platforms that you don't know enough about. Get to know them - check their in-app tutorials to learn how to use them properly. They all have them. Google 'how to use reels for business' or 'how to use tik tok for business' and you'll get loads of easy tutorials from the apps themselves.

check your insights on the professional dashboard for instagram

In the professional dashboard of your instagram bio, check out 'tips and resources' shown here:

Keep it simple

Did you know you don't HAVE to be on every single platform? Some marketing humans or agencies might say otherwise, but the reality for most small businesses is that content creation is another use of resources, AND can feel relentless if not done simply.

Firstly don't feel you have to post different things to different platforms. LinkedIn, Google Business Profile and your Facebook page are an important trilogy and can have the same posts each time. Similar for Instagram and TikTok.

Know your camera

I have found the fastest way to create videos is to pick up my phone, make sure the light's good and and you can see me, (and checking I'm not sharing my undies on the clothes airer in the background) and record a few in a row.

Try it. Have some fun, sit, stand, at your desk, whatever you like. Batching like this makes video FAST and you get on a roll as well.

Then adding these shorter videos to reels with captions (from the stickers menu as you go through the reels editor) is the fastest reel you'll ever create!

The Fastest Video Content Of Them All

Livestream. Going live is in the moment, instant and awesome. You are genuine and authentic and it's always THE best way to short circuit procrastination.

Livestream has so many benefits
  • in the moment and quick

  • genuine and conversational

  • great way to increase your energy if you're an extrovert

going live on instagram

You can go live on Instagram, Facebook (in groups, your page, profile and even events), LinkedIn (apply via Content Creator Mode), and YouTube. Tik Tok also offers livestream when you have more than 1000 followers.

Let's have a look at Instagram. When you click to add a post, you can choose 'live' and it will tell you how many followers are online right now as your potential audience. You can use the right hand menu to give your livestream a title and description. People online are notified and then your video is saved to your feed afterwards. Remember you can always share that into your stories for more reach afterwards too.

It's immediate, it's in the moment and genuine, and it can improve your energy for more content creation as well as clarify your message.

Use Video Prompts Not Scripts

Forget over-planning and loads of words on a sheet you think you need to say - just have the topic/prompt in mind or on a post it note and go for it. Saying it actually clarifies what you want to say better than typing it into your computer, or writing in on a flip chart or whiteboard.

Prompt based content planning is absolutely fast and can speed up how you create your content.

Here's a reel about using a prompt based content plan I do on one page:

And importantly remember this:


Trust that you can do it - and honestly you can record a a few and if you don't like them delete them, but commit to recording a few at least.

Use auto captions wherever you can

add auto captions wherever you can

To add captions to your videos (not to be confused with the caption that is actually the description of the video), when you add the video to a real or tik tok, you can click 'captions' in either stickers or from the editing screen and voila! Google how to do this in other apps, or you could use an app such as in-shot that does it too.

Uploading videos to Facebook and YouTube you can also access auto captions, and edit them before publishing (use the Chrome browser to be sure when you're in Facebook)

Over To You

When you find yourself saying 'it's taking me a day to create a reel' find a faster way. Which of the tips above will you try first?

Remember that planning is our greatest form of procrastination so avoid it! Grab a copy of the visual One Page Content Plan and you can throw a video prompt in the middle and come up with oodles of ideas for content all on one page. Keep it simple and uncomplicated for fast content every time.

Book a mini audit and action call with me

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