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4 Engaging Video Ideas to Promote Your Business Fast

Since 2015 I have supported hundreds of clients to add video to their content mix by offering simple strategies and tactics that not only mean the videos are about the right topics, but they are quick and easy to create.

And I want to share my top four video ideas to promote your business fast

We're going to start with the assumption you know your ideal client really well, and you know what they need from you and what you'd like them to know. You can put these into a mind map before you start if you like. Like this one page visual content plan I use all the time:

video ideas to promote your business

Firstly, create your video prompts

Here's some ways you can fill in your mindmap (your ideal client goes in the middle):

  • Questions your ideal clients ask (how can I make my business more profitable?)

  • Statements they make about themselves (I am terrible with money, I'm too embarrassed to go to a bookkeeper)

  • Challenges they have (my staff are just not performing)

  • Things that really frustrate them (why can't I find the right software that does exactly what I want it to do?)

  • Things you want them to know (did you know that you could save hundreds of dollars a month by refinancing your home loan?)

  • Things they really want rather than the stuff that's annoying them (I just want to work from home and not visit clients on the other side of town)

Note - all the above statements in italics are from my past or current clients' content maps

I suggest reading aloud some of the things you've listed. It starts to be more obvious which one's you really want to talk about, and those that need more work.

Creating your videos fast:

Video #1 - Short form video

  1. Pick up your phone, open your camera and click video.

  2. Choose a prompt from your map

  3. Record your 1 minute response to that prompt

You know your stuff

Don't overthink it, when you read one of the prompts, you'll know exactly what to say, so just do it in the moment and then pat yourself on the back for being awesome.

create landscape videos for LinkedIn

  • Linkedin likes landscape recorded videos

  • Instagram likes them in portrait

  • Facebook doesn't mind as much - so keep it simple and just record it once for your favourite platform.

Places you can post it FAST:

All you need it a short title and description of what you just recorded and voila! Content in under 5 minutes

Video #2 - Turn it into a 'how to' video

Take the prompt and come up with 3 tips relating to it. For example, the prompt is how can I make my business more profitable? from the list above.

The video is 'Three ways to make your business more profitable' Or 'how to make your business more profitable in three steps'. Easy Peasy.

I like a really simple video script for this:

  1. Your introduction

  2. The three tips

  3. Your call to action/conclusion

a simple video script format

And even better? The client already has this blog and can make that the basis for their video. The blog title is Three Strategies to Energise Your Bottom Line - PERFECT.

Where you can post it:

  • Website blog page about the same topic

  • Facebook page

  • Instagram post

  • LinkedIn post

  • LinkedIn feature (the post and/or the link to your blog)

  • Depending on how long it is, post it to TikTok as well (3 mins maximum for most accounts at the moment)

Video #3 - Tell a story

When you read one of the prompts you'll find you have immediate ideas for stories it relates to.

Prompt might be - 'videos take too long' and I can tell a little story about a client who did 27 takes of her about me video until I told her to ditch it and tell me a story about WHY she does what she does. Took her three minutes and one take. This stuff works I promise you.

Video #4 - Create a training video

Take that prompt (such as I just got divorced and we can't agree on what to do with our home), and create a training/tutorial style video. You can flesh it out, you might even have a downloadable pdf worksheet you can add to it for me.

Here's one from a property advocate Lisa Stafford who helps her clients sell (and buy again) in sometimes difficult situations such as separation and divorce

Where you can post it:

It's going to be longer, and can be added to your website, added as a lead magnet, offered as a Facebook or LinkedIn live and added to YouTube!

Over to you - video ideas to promote your business

Don't ask yourself what to make videos about - ask the question how you can create videos from all the awesome ideas you already have becuase you know your ideal client so well, and probably already have content you can repurpose for video! Take one prompt and if you just do the four ideas above you've created at least 4 posts from just ONE prompt!

Want to break that cycle of procrastination? Book in here for a mini audit and action call with me and in the first five minutes I share a one page planning method with you that will get those video ideas out of your head and in front of your audience FAST!

+61 03 94170 613

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