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5 Christmas Social Media Post Ideas Every Small Business Needs

Wondering what to post at the end of the year?

5 Christmas post ideas for small business

Regardless of how busy you are at this time of year, it’s important to keep in touch on line with your potential clients who are often checking who’s open, who’s not, and doing last minute shopping or planning for next year.

Here’s five Christmas post ideas you can use right now: the best ways to keep up your visibility and connecting with people online over the next few weeks.

Updates about your availability

Are you closing for a period of time? Let us know when and for how long and when last orders will be processed. Apart from being great customer service so you don’t keep people guessing, it’s a simple way to add updates to your online platforms and stay visible.

For example here’s one I created on Canva in the social media collection design type that offers you multiple platform design sizes in one go.

update your availability

You can add this post (and the rest) with a description with more words or not to:

  • Google Business Profile

  • Facebook Page

  • Instagram post

  • LInkedIn Company Page

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • Facebook Story

  • Instagram Story

And a bonus tip is to add your website link whenever you can too.

A year in review wrap up

Here’s a post from The Professional Writer that I thought was a ripper. They did a post about the number of award submissions they’ve written this year, and how many finalists and winners they’ve produced.

What could you include in your wrap up?

share a yearly wrap up post

Shoutout about your client wins

Choose a client you worked with during the year and give them the spotlight in your post - this is a chance to highlight what you do, give the client some love, and show the types of clients you like to work with.

Announce what’s coming in 2023

Is there something exciting on the cards for 2023? Make some noise about it before Christmas so you can keep everyone in the loop, and come back to it in the new year to give us an update.

Reflect on the year that was from a personal perspective

A while ago I wrote a blog at the end of the year and I often go back to that process for reflecting on what worked and perhaps what didn’t during the year from a more personal perspective. I’ll write it for the new website this year too - and for each points in the blog I can use it for social content too:

the year in review post

Do a group post with the team to wish everyone the best

a group post to say thanks to everyone

Like this one from Impactiv8 and their Click Engage Convert Academy end of year catch up.

What could you do? In the office? Outside? At your Christmas party? Doing something funny?

Over To You

There’s just FIVE posts to create and share everywhere - remember you have at least seven places each time without trying too hard or taking too long. They are platforms you probably already have, and if you have team members they can share them to for extra reach.

So get to it!

Want more than these Christmas post ideas? Help for your content planning

If you're just sick of scratching your head about what to post, go ahead and grab a copy of The One Page Content Plan.

I create this fast and visual way to plan because I can't use spreadsheets and I want to be able to take action fast without overthinking or self-doubt.

You will love it. You can grab a copy here:

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