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Why you shouldn't leave your marketing until 2024

I have spoken to many business owners who are swamped right now. New staff, more work than last quarter, reacting to loads of things not in their control (such as interest rate rises). We're heading into the middle of November and it's tempting to ask 'can I leave my marketing until 2024?' as it feels like a task too big to fit into an already packed schedule.

Can I wait until 2024 to do my marketing?

But first: what does 'marketing' actually mean?

'Doing your marketing' can mean so many things, so it's important to break it down into chunks so you know what you're actually dealing with (or saying no to).

Here's a starting point:


  • Website that's up to date with the latest messaging and offers

  • Website blogs and other SEO tasks

  • Social media platforms

    • content relevant to your ideal clients right now

    • platforms optimised for search

    • interaction, connection and engagement on those platforms

  • Google Business Profile - optimised and being updated regularly


If you're working with clever agency folk who are creating and managing ads for you, that's part of your marketing. Content, landing pages, links, responding to leads, providing information to your agency based on what they need for your ads (which might actually relate to 'organic' listed above)

Relationship marketing

If you rely on word of mouth referrals then it's hugely important not to put off any

Jenny De Lacy notable networking BNI Eastern

marketing until 2024. Relationships need to be nurtured and created with new people in your network. I have been a BNI (Business Network International) for almost 6 years and it's worth the commitment 100%)

It seems like a lot. But don't give up now.

There are things you can do in just 5-15 minutes a day that will still pay dividends later (hint: it's not outsourcing the lot to someone else, as that takes time too and doesn't always work).

Here's why you shouldn't leave your marketing until 2024 (which, let's face it, means February)

Investing in the future

Tempting as it is to leave something that feels too much, off the to do list, marketing you do today pays off in about six or so months. It's a long game. It starts to compound as you put more effort in.

People need you right now

Most businesses start planning now for early next year. What if you should be on that list of suppliers they are looking for? What if you solve problems they are looking to solve right now?

Don't give up and wait until next February

. Check below for some fast content ideas.

Start now, improve later

Marketing isn't a done once kind of activity. We don't set and forget marketing activities, there is constant work to keep things up to date, to tweak, to refresh.

So getting things done now gives you a head start on updates, tweaks, tinkering, you might need to do in a month or the month after that. Waiting until the new year (February) is not a good business decision.

Things you can do right now

It might feel all too much but there ARE things you can do right now that will move you closer to the results you want from your marketing without waiting until 2024 to start.

  1. Make sure your social media platforms are set up for success (check this blog for a place to start)

  2. Keep in touch with your key referral partners and clients leading into the end of the year (email, phone calls, set up a catch up)

  3. Create 5 minute posts and share something at least three times each week

  4. Create a content plan so you are clear what you're posting about (check this blog for how to do that or contact us for a custom plan) and so are the members of your team

  5. Take photos and video footage of all the work you're doing so you can use it in content now or in the future

  6. remember to grab your google reviews and share them - even like little headlines without the whole review and showcase your authority

google review for Jenny de Lacy

Review posts: simple but effective.

Daily Actions You Can Take in under 10 minutes

Here's your daily plan because it's easier to do something every day that trying to fit it in weekly):

  • Open your main platform (eg LinkedIn)

  • Check any activity in your notifications and respond to any comments

  • Check News on the right side and comment on anything relevant to your business and share it

  • Post to LinkedIn Company page and share to profile or just to your profile

  • Choose a post or two to comment on (meaningfully)

  • Remember to share your google reviews as well (or video testimonials)

Over to you

You can take action right now and not wait until 2024. It's a terrible idea to do nothing with your marketing between now and the new year. People need you now and you can do small actions that will still make a difference!

If you need a call to clarify your priorities and make a difference to you marketing now - you can book in here. It's free and it packs a punch with my no nonsense advice and 'you can do it' attitude.

+61 03 94170 613

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