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How overplanning becomes procrastination and how to stop it

I know how much we love a good plan. We are sometimes more obsessed with the ACT of planning for our business than the actual DOING. So much so that planning becomes a form of procrastination.

No matter how much you love stationery, over-planning IS procrastination

All you need is your ideal client and the problem you solve for them

When you bring with you a clear picture of WHO you are helping/speaking to, and the problem you solve for them, planning your marketing is quick, it has only a few elements and it helps you take fast action on your content.

But first here's how to tell if overplanning has become procrastination:
  • You are planning out video scripts in detail across your walls on butchers paper and haven’t posted anything

  • You create detailed spreadsheets of your content plan, with loads of dates, pillars, topics, words and more - and haven’t actually posted anything

  • You agonise over equipment, set up, detailed ‘how to’ tutorials but, again, don’t post anything

So if you’re still not posting, planning has become a procrastination activity and isn’t serving you.

Planning isn’t progress. If your plan doesn’t include a STOP and DO step, then you’re procrastinating.

So how can you stop procrastinating? Introducing your one page plan.
how to stop procrastinating

Grab a piece of paper, draw a circle in the middle then smaller circles around the outside like a mind map.

In the middle we put our human (eg mine is: frustrated procrastinators), OR expert topic, (eg the visibility method to cure content procrastination) they will both give you loads of video prompts

Then ask questions and fill in the bits around the edges - what are their challenges, what keeps them awake at night? What do they say about themselves, what’s holding them back, what questions do they have about your expert topic?

As you read these ideas, you’ll find you really get inspired by some and not others. Some don't inspire you much at all, some are topics you want to cover ASAP. They are a YES! .

This is where you start

Each of these is a video or other content prompt - choose the one/s that immediately make you feel energised, that you could talk to me about for 1-2 minutes without thinking? That's your focus.

Now take action

You have your one page non-plan so now take action. Grab your phone, open your favourite app or your camera and record short videos with the prompt, or write a short post for LinkedIn and Facebook and get it out there today. Actually getting into it and batch recording or creating a few will give you the best start.

The One Page Content Plan

If this method is appealing - there's a good chance you're a visual learner and traditional 'rules' of content planning don't work for you. You can grab your own copy with a tutorial video here:

+61 03 94170 613

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