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What's Love Got To Do With Video Confidence?

Over the last 5+ years working with small business owners and entrepreneurs on their video confidence, one thing has become obvious to me.

The people who have been able to look past their discomfort about creating videos can do that because they LOVE what they do and who they do it for.

It’s that simple.

It’s a decision we make in that moment of discomfort. Where we move from a yes to a ‘hell no’ in our minds about creating the content we set out to create and share. We all have it you know, even people with apparent confidence, even the extroverts, even public speakers.

Everyone I have ever spoken to (and there have been hundreds or maybe thousands) have that moment.

So if you don’t LOVE LOVE what you do and who you do it for, it’s so much easier to procrastinate. Your brain offers you all the logical reasons: my lighting isn’t great, my hair’s not done, I look tired, I haven’t really got my words ready, you have other things to do, etc etc etc. And then we make a choice to listen and put our attention elsewhere.

So what can you do about it? How do you fall head over heels in love with your business message and sharing it on video?

It’s starts with the end in mind

If you don’t have a clear business vision, it’s pretty hard to keep motivated to create any content, let alone videos.

So start with the end in mind. What’s the purpose of your videos, and this one video in particular that you were about to create?

If the purpose, vision, reason doesn’t excite you – then you’ll always talk yourself out of videos.

So go back to the start. Why are you doing this? What’s your business all about for you? Who do you help and why? What will it feel like when you achieve your aim? Feel that now. Feel more motivated?? I hope so.

Then we focus on those two areas in more detail – the who and the what.

Check your personal & business goals

Now that you’ve looked at the bigger picture, focus more specifically on your offer. What IS your offer? What is the difference it’s going to make for your target audience? Are you excited about what you are doing with your awesome skills and abilities? Imagine the difference those sales will make to you and your family.

Really think about it – what will it look like, smell like, sound like? Use your senses and this little exercise is often enough to give you a kick up the bum to get going.

If it doesn’t, then the WHO will.

Focus on your WHO

This is where the magic lies for many people, and makes for pretty fantastic content. WHO.

Who are you helping, and what is the transformation you are selling them? What will be different for them, in their lives, their families, their business? If you can’t get excited about this, then you might need to go back to your offer and rethink it.

Think about that person you are helping. What do they need right now? What will help them understand you and your offer and how it can help them?

Not only is this the basis for loads of video content ideas, it’s something you can ask every month or week to come up with more.

Now It’s Your Turn

So now you’re all fired up with motivation about how you help your target audience, and how this is also awesome for your own family and business, it’s time to get started.

If you’re not sure of the logistics of creating videos then you can start with the social media video best practice guide. It’s a free resource with a bonus video training that will get you on the road to growing your business.

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