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Time Management Tools That Don't Work & One That Does

If you’re anything like me, you are constantly on the look out for the best planners, apps and hacks to make better use of your time. To somehow control time and keep on track, to focus on priority tasks and get the right stuff done. To stop feeling like you’re faffing around all day achieving nothing.

I can forget what step I was up to for a bigger task, and then move on to something entirely unrelated, and not come back to the original one until the end of the day when I end up scratching my head wondering what I got done today.

Sound familiar? If you know you know.

Here’s a list of tools I’ve tried that haven’t worked:

Asana - too complex and I find that I put way too many things on the list and then forget to even log in and look at them. Also the user interface is too busy for me

Trello - you can’t see priorities in there, and given that prioritising is a big challenge, I find this doesn’t work

A pen and paper and DEFINITELY not post it notes next to my desk. This ends up being random things I write when I am trying to listen on calls, doodling flowers and stars,

Digital planners - I start thinking I’ll focus on my digital planner, but then I like the act of writing in my planner so I double up and waste loads of time. I bet I’m not the only one who repeats to do lists and action plans in multiple places.

Here’s a list of things I’ve tried in no particular order:
  • Evernote

  • Notes app on my phone

  • Google Keep/reminders/tasks

  • GoodNotes

  • Simplemind

  • Rounded (bookkeeping)

  • Passion planner digital and hard copy

  • Allo

To name just a few! There’s no doubt loads more

The tactics that work:

Knowing their no magic bullet is the starting point.

I am slowly learning that I CAN play to my strengths, by not overcommitting my day, by having a slow start knowing that I am capable of great productivity later in the day/evening if needed.

I also did some personality testing (Instinctive Drives if you want to look it up) and I know I'm at my best when I have a big vision and can inspire others to take the leap into uncharted territory. I find that so inspiring that it works for keeping me on track doing what I need to do. I highly recommend it.

SOo the answer to the time management conundrum is being inspired by you expertise, the transformation you offer and who you are offering it to

who needs me today?

So the answer to the time management conundrum is

  • being inspired by your expertise, the transformation you offer and who you are offering it to

  • and my white board with the top three projects for the week and no more than three actions for each - that's it

Say goodbye to procrastination

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