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For frustrated procrastinators who want to be the superstar in their own video marketing, BUT here we are again...

I don't need to tell you because you already know video is the most powerful and important way to launch and promote your awesome offer - course, book, service - but when you put that 'record videos' event in your calendar and say 'this week I WILL do those videos!' you procrastinate AGAIN!

It's so bloody frustrating.

You've probably even started with video on a few posts, or even a livestream or two, but you stopped! 

Why? Actually scrap that, it doesn't even matter why, just know that I am here to get you back on track.

And it doesn't matter how many times you've stopped, it's about starting again and getting your visibility on track (and doing it right this time)

This time it will stick. This is the end of procrastination and the start of you as the superstar in your own videos to promote and sell your awesome offer.

Welcome to
The Visibility Accelerator
With Jenny De Lacy


A video content breakthrough like no other:


  • Together we create your video content plan that will give you goosebumps - fall in love with your offer all over again and see it come to life

  • Group accountability to make sure you IMPLEMENT

  • Coworking/body doubling opportunities

  • Specific platform instructions for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube included

  • Monthly live training, chosen by you!

What happy accelerator superstars have said:

Jenny was able to help me get laser focused on the content that I need to create immediately - evergreen vs time sensitive, a suggested frequency of different types of content, and a short video series to implement as a free offering via email automation. I now have heaps more clarity and a systematic approach to content creation that I can replicate for other focus areas in my business. Thanks so much Jenny!

Ines McSweeney
Health & Happiness

Jenny's advice and guidance on how to structure to plan, develop and record business videos. I found Jenny's advice valuable and practical. I recommend Jenny to improve your branding and video marketing

Elise Stevens
Career Tactician

I have worked with Jenny both 1:1 and within The Video Incubator and I cannot recommend her highly enough! She has a no nonsense approach and really knows her stuff. If you are looking to get more confident on video and want be taught by the best in the business then Jenny De Lacy is the women for you! Thanks to her help my business has gone from strength to strength and I couldn't have done it without her!

Kylie Pearce


Is The Visibility Accelerator For You?

  • Your offer is 80% clear

  • You are resourceful and can open an app, press buttons and have a go!

  • You are confident enough to get stuck into it, even if you feel uncomfortable you'll still give it a crack

  • You take responsibility

  • 'Done is better than perfect' is ok with you

  • You're ready to dedicate at least 1-2 hours per week to this as a prioirity

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What's included
6 Weeks $997:

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Idea Generation
Create an inspiring content plan together

You will get goosebumps from all the ideas we generate in the accelerator. It's a creative awesome space that takes away the guesswork of what to create your videos about.

Weekly Content Planning

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Fall In Love
You will feel amazing about your offer

Sometimes we created our 'thing' so long ago we have lost site of how awesome it actually is. And how wonderful we are too. You'll fall in love with it all over again in the Visibility Accelerator

Weekly Co-creation Time

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Fast Video Formula
Videos DONE & posted. No more time wasting

Procrastination is the killer of your business - you can't sell something if people don't even know it exists. Let's get you OUT there with the Fast Video Formula - all the instruction to need to create videos fast (no overthinking
Online resources

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Nail Your Message
Feel it!

When you nail your message (what you stand for and want to be known for) it feels INCREDIBLE. the freedom to focus on that and not be distracted makes it easier to sell your offer

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Coworking and DOING

Each month we have coworking to record videos and practice and take action 

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Set Up For Success
Lights! Camera! Lipstick!

No more guesswork and self doubt. Get set up and then get going. No over planning or overthinking. Tailor your set up to you content plan and never look back


Join the Visibility Accelerator for six weeks access for a once off price for $997 (incl GST) or a handy three payment plan of $365 each fortnight (just scroll down a little further!)

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Payment Plan -Three Fortnightly Payments of $370