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Content marketing is all about having right 'content' (blogs, articles, video, website copy, social media posts, newsletters, 'about us' profile information for example). Then putting it in front of the right people, and influencing them to take action (fill in a form, go through a checkout, get in touch, etc).

But what's the 'right content'? 

Don't waste time and resources posting without a content strategy that works in with your business plan or goals. 

I wholeheartedly believe that if we pay attention to how we feel about the content we are going to share, (the right words FEEL different in your body did you know?), we feel pretty awesome about it so we're are less likely to procrastinate.

The Content Breakthrough:

Let's map it all out - so you know what you need to create, for which platforms and when - all leading to the call to action that achieves the marketing goals you've set. Sound good? From lead magnet, to emails marketing, blogs, website landing pages, social media - your whole content pipeline.We can work on the strategy and then you decided if you need my help to implement it. Starting from $363.

The Blog Package:

Includes a blog based on your keywords and topics, turned into LinkedIn and Facebook posts. Enough for a month. And then I'll write the newsletter that goes with it for your email list. From $550inc GST

The Website Package:

Starting at just $1550 for 4-5 main pages, (Home, About, Services and Projects, with the contact and FAQ's thrown in). We'll get your website ready to go with the SEO page titles meta descriptions for your search engine page results, the copy for the pages, internal links to other pages as required, and external sites you nominate.

Additional pages, blogs, social posts etc can be added for $220 per page.


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Wix Websites - Affordable and User Friendly

How We Work - The Aligned Content Model

The Aligned Content Model - Create Thought Leadership Content To Stand Out Online

We go through this model together to make sure the content you plan for or create is aligned to your core business values and beliefs. It adds to and makes even clearer 'what you want to be known for' Implementing the aligned content model starts at just $349.

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Your website is your most important online real estate. Websites shouldn't cost and arm and a leg, but they DO need to showcase your business and who you help (and how). And they need to be easy for you to maintain.
We choose to use the Wix website platform so our clients don't have to pay expensive ongoing ebsite maintenance costs. There are no complicated plugins or code, and the Wix 
Support is second to none. Don't settle for a free site that someone's best friend's

Mapping & Creating Online Courses or Passive Products For Thought Leaders

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Creating products once and selling them to multiple people makes sense right? Most businesses have something they can sell that doesn't involve more hours of labour.

A course, a guide, checklists, templates memberships, and more.
You might already have an idea what you'd liked to create or maybe you're at the start brainstorming ideas.

It's the perfect time to have a conversation about your goals, who you're helping and the change you want to make for them. I can map out the product idea, help you create it, get it on your website, then promote and sell it.




Jenny is easy to work with and fantastic at what she does. She has the amazing ability to condense what are often complicated concepts into simple and effective video scripts, which are seeing fantastic results

Grant Jamison
Founder & Film Producer
Lift Video Production

The high standard and care that Jenny put in from start to completion was what I expected, GREAT…Jenny takes a LOT of pride what she does and gets the work done on time, she is easy to work with and will go through things after hours to make sure everything is completed as quickly as possible

Miles Primrose
Business Sight, Trades And Builders Business Mentor

I recently employed Jenny to help me with updating my LInkedIn Home page. She helped with ideas and suggestions for the Visual Banner, plus the 'about' section, and then some more ideas for Posts and Articles. Highly recommend Jenny for help with your Social Media strategy.

Danielle Benson
Danielle Benson

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