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Jenny De Lacy - individual marketing mentoring

Join the Thought Leader Accelerator 

Join Jenny for the Thought Leader Accelerator: Tailored to you.

Grow a powerful profile, attract great fit clients and achieve your potential

Is this you?

You're not known for what you really want to be known for right now

You're tired of the guesswork and self doubt about what to say to reach your ideal clients

The time you waste wondering what to post is super frustrating

You'd really like something tailored to you and your business vision

Here's what you get

Know exactly what to say - get your personalised Thought Leadership Strategy

Group Based Q&A twice a month for 3 months

Monthly content creation co-working

Fast and simple content creation techniques that will amplify your message and influence

Don't go it alone - Group support to amplify the reach and engagement for your online content

No more guesswork and time wasting-Resources across platforms on-demand 

The Accelerator -
how it works

Click Enquire Now and submit your interest in the Thought Leader Accelerator

Jump on a call with me to see if the Thought Leader Accelerator is right for you

If it's a yes, you'll receive your booking link for our one to one strategy and planning call, and access to the group and resources

Thank you Jenny for all the work you have done for me to help get my message out to the right people. You've made my marketing seem easy.If you're in need of a marketing strategy that attracts the right clients you must speak with Jenny. Her ability to work with a team and create an effective plan will make all the difference..

Resources for multiple platforms and formats that can support your thought leadership with a specific focus on website blogs, LinkedIn and Google Business Profile to maximise reach and return on your time investment

thought leader accelerator talking digital

Who can be a thought leader?

Someone who's expertise and knowledge in their industry or niche can help others

Service based business professionals, coaches, consultants & practitioners

B2B marketers creating their own content

Someone with a clear stance or opinion about their industry or niche

A business that creates their content in-house

No more guesswork.  Gain clarity,  confidence and know-how to get your content marketing working for you FAST,  and accelerate your visibility, attract your ideal clients and achieve you goalsStill have questions? Email us here:

TLA Enquire Now

+61 03 94170 613

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