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Are you lost for words?
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Small business copywriting and content strategy for websites & social media with
a specialisation in video and livestream

About Jenny De Lacy Talking Digital 

Content Marketing Strategy
For Small Business


Jenny De Lacy
Video Strategist & Content Marketing Specialist


Over the last 7 years, after leaving a corporate contracting career in learning & development and IT change management projects, I've spent my time learning all there is about organic content marketing. Video and Livestream, SEO, blogging, Facebook, Instagram, and email marketing in particular.

Digital marketing is such a huge industry and there are so many areas of expertise, so it's super important to work to your strengths and focus on being an expert in your 'lane' and not being a jack of all trades.

I love working with other people so I have collaborated with some serious experts over the years, and learnt from some of the best in the industry (and they aren't all the big names from the US!). As a solo operator, I'm the one who does the work, but I've developed incredible relationships with others in the industry for the digital marketing needs I can't cover (like paid ads, design, website building and technical SEO). And that pays dividends for my clients every time.

If you need someone to triage your digital marketing needs, translate the digital speak for you, and create your content marketing strategy and help you implement, then you're in the right place.


Using livestream to Facebook Instagram or LinkedIn is a powerful way to get your message out there and all platforms will give you better reach than standard text and image posts.

After using Facebook live since it was launched in 2016 I have taught hundreds of business owners to use it. We've sold tickets to events, promoted lead magnetsgrown community numbers, sent traffic to websites and more.

Go ahead and download the Livestream Launch Checklist to get started today



Jenny is easy to work with and fantastic at what she does. She has the amazing ability to condense what are often complicated concepts into simple and effective video scripts, which are seeing fantastic results

Grant Jamison
Founder & Film Producer
Lift Video Production


The high standard and care that Jenny put in from start to completion was what I expected, GREAT…Jenny takes a LOT of pride what she does and gets the work done on time, she is easy to work with and will go through things after hours to make sure everything is completed as quickly as possible

Miles Primrose
Business Sight, Trades And Builders Business Mentor

I recently employed Jenny to help me with updating my LInkedIn Home page. She helped with ideas and suggestions for the Visual Banner, plus the 'about' section, and then some more ideas for Posts and Articles. Highly recommend Jenny for help with your Social Media strategy.

Danielle Benson
Danielle Benson

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Copywriting and Content Strategy 
Tips and Ideas