10 Tips For Better Blog Reach

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

So you've written a blog for your website - now how do you get people to see it?

Blogging has long been an important part of any content marketing strategy. It's another chance or keywords for your website, a chance to share important information, tips and ideas with your target audience, and gives a richer experience overall of your website.

It's also the best foundation for a powerful personal brand

If you have aspirations to share your thought leadership with the world, then blogging (and video blogs) are imperative. How can we give it the best chance of being seen?

Here's 10 places to share your blog for more reach and traffic

  1. Share the blog link to Facebook page post

  2. Share to Facebook groups you can share in

  3. Include it on Medium (sign up and publish the same blog)

  4. Share a story to Instagram with a link to the blog page

  5. Add as a feature on LinkedIn

  6. Share to Facebook personal profile as well with some context (what's in it for your friends to check it out?)

  7. Share your blog page to your linktree (or similar) and post to IG announcing new blog

  8. Add as an article on LinkedIn with a different headline a few weeks after the first post

  9. Add them to Pinterest - another SEO opportunity and once you've set up your profile, why not add your blog to this platform with 250 million active monthly users?

  10. Share it to your email list in a newsletter the same week with a link and let them know why it's worth the read

So there you have it

10 simple ways to get more reach for your blog. I have committed to this process and can see my website traffic has increased just in the last seven days (and for the other sites I write for - we regularly see visits to the blog when it's posted in other placed).

It's worth the time when you're building a personal brand and want to be known for something. Get blogging - it's rewarding and will generate traffic and leads as a result.

If you'd like to create your aligned content marketing strategy together to build your powerful personal brand, you can contact me here: https://talkingdigital.com.au/contact