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Social Media Video Strategy
Online Programs

Be the superstar of your own
video marketing to promote
and sell your awesome offer


Video Marketing Strategy
Sales Page Copywriting

Online Programs

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Sales Page

You can't sell your awesome offer without a sales page, but if you're scratching your head about what to write, let me help.
Maybe you feel like you're 'not good with words' or just not sure what your marketing messages should be. 

Let's get it done and get closer to your next paying client today.
All sales pages include a simple social media promotion plan to take away that guesswork as well

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Video Marketing 
Online Programs

I don't need to tell you how important video is to promoting and selling that awesome offer. If you're in the start-stop cycle of video content creation and your sick of procrastinating, or you're at the start and want to get it 'right', you'll find what you need here. Check out the free resources and online program below

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Locally Made

Work with Melbourne based SEO Copywriter Jenny De Lacy, and Graphic Designer Steve "pinchy' Pinchbeck to create your budget friendly website working to generate leads and convert clients for your business.

We choose to work with Wix as it's user friendly with no complicated plugins or code to worry about. PERFECT for start ups, landing pages and service based businesses and your online programs


How I Work - The Visibility Method

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We work through the key ingredients to content that sells - clarifying your purpose and goals, identifying your target marketing, what you offer them and how you deliver. This is true for all your marketing across multiple channels.


Content Marketing Strategy
Website & Social Media Copywriting

Jenny De Lacy
Social Media Video Specialist 
Educator & Speaker

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Growing up the youngest of five children gives you two choices – fade quietly into the background or make yourself seen and heard. 

I quickly learned how to read a room to become the centre of attention and gain the best outcome. I turned these skills and a love of learning, into a 25+year corporate career in training, facilitating and presenting, working for some of the biggest organisations in Australia. These days, I help aspiring and established business owners find their words and voices so they too, can connect with their target audience, by nailing their message and having the confidence to share it.

With an irreverent no-nonsense, ‘stop thinking and start doing attitude’, I works closely with clients to give them the confidence to be themselves in all their introverted or extroverted glory. Whether it's for virtual presentation skills or video for your social media presence, live-streaming or online courses, I have the solution for you.



Jenny is easy to work with and fantastic at what she does. She has the amazing ability to condense what are often complicated concepts into simple and effective video scripts, which are seeing fantastic results

Grant Jamison
Founder & Film Producer
Lift Video Production

The high standard and care that Jenny put in from start to completion was what I expected, GREAT…Jenny takes a LOT of pride what she does and gets the work done on time, she is easy to work with and will go through things after hours to make sure everything is completed as quickly as possible

Miles Primrose
Business Sight, Trades And Builders Business Mentor

I recently employed Jenny to help me with updating my LInkedIn Home page. She helped with ideas and suggestions for the Visual Banner, plus the 'about' section, and then some more ideas for Posts and Articles. Highly recommend Jenny for help with your Social Media strategy.

Danielle Benson
Danielle Benson


No more guesswork
and time wasting

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Video Marketing, Copywriting & 
Tips & Ideas


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