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Jenny De Lacy - Marketing Consulting and Training Services
Jenny De Lacy Melbourne marketing trainer

Brand Messaging Specialist
Hands-on Marketing Consultant & Trainer

Get your message right every time

Broadcast your authority

Attract your ideal clients

Achieve your potential

jenny de lacy social media consultant melbourne
In-house group training and workshops with Jenny De Lacy
jenny de lacy personal brand expert

There's no point doing any marketing if you don't know who you're talking to and what you need to say.

My brand messaging guide will nail your unique message and uncomplicate your marketing so you attract great fit clients and achieve your marketing goals.

Then we can turn it into website copy, thought leadership content, in person marketing materials and so much more  - it really depends on your vision and who you are marketing to

Get your marketing right with Talking Digital. We specialise in providing targeted consulting and training to align your vision to your ideal clients, nail your message, and build the confidence and know-how to take action. For teams and individuals.

Let's turn your goals and potential into results without the time wasting guesswork and self-doubt

Jump on a free 25 Minute Audit & Action Call to clarify your priorities and to learn more about my Consulting & Training Services

Do you have a message you really want to share but you're not known for what you really want to be known for right now? Then you need to know more about the Thought Leader Accelerator.

Learn what you need to know to accelerate your visibility, attract your ideal clients and achieve your potential  by getting your message right every time in the Thought Leader Accelerator Program

Learn More Here

Book a 25 Minute
Audit & Action Call

Not sure what you need? Gain clear direction and your priority actions in 25 minutes for free


Jenny De Lacy

I founded Talking Digital to give thought leaders the power of message clarity and the confidence and know-how to share it. You deserve to achieve your potential, to broadcast your authority, attract more great fit clients, and achieve your business goals - without wasting time on guesswork and self doubt.


When you grow up being a showoff, a chatterbox and someone who loved people as much as I did you quickly learn how to read a room and understand people.  I honed my communication skills early!


I turned these skills and a love of learning, into a marketing consulting career in 2015 after a 20+year corporate career in learning & development consulting, working for some of the biggest organisations in Australia.

Educate, Mentor, Simplify and Inspire


As a small business owners, it not what is it costs you, it about what it can cost you if you get the wrong person helping you. Jenny is the right person 100%, hands down, if you need anything digital for your business, Videos, Creative Copy, Images, anything at all speak to Jenny De Lacy

Miles Primrose, Business Sight

I was referred to Talking Digital so I was not clear if Jenny would understand the content I needed, but in the first few minutes she asked such incredibly insightful questions I knew imediately Jenny would deliver. Being able to take the importance of my content but frame it in such a way that people who needed my service but wouldn't be looking for it specifically would still find me - unbelievably talented. I have no hesitation in recommending Jenny to anyone.

Tahn Miller
Amplify Therapies

Jenny is easy to work with and fantastic at what she does. She has the amazing ability to condense what are often complicated concepts into simple and effective scripts for videos which are seeing fantastic results. Would definitely recommend!

Grant Jamison
Lift Video Production

Jenny's process is like catching up and sharing with a close friend.Thank you Jenny for all your wisdom and creativity!

Lisa Thomas - Executive Director BNI Melbourne North


Trades & Builders who want more money and success from their business

This one's for you!

+61 03 94170 613

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